Software in the cloud: Container management and kubernetes (k8s)

We pack your applications into the cloud - for more security, independence and flexibility!

Our cloud operation ensures that your application runs as microservices under different conditions in the same way and independent of the system. AM GmbH's container management brings everything needed to run an application on our servers. You deliver your software, we take care of ideal runtimes, automated deployments, all system tools, as well as system libraries and specific settings.

Your benefits

  • Portability: Containers include all required dependencies, run on different development environments.
  • Efficiency: Containers are smarter and more cost effective than virtual machines, more applications can be run on servers.
  • Isolation and Security: Containers run independently, improving IT security and minimising impact on other containers.
  • Scalability: Manage large numbers of containers while maintaining high availability in a fault-tolerant system.
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Container management illustrated by numerous containers in a dock

Maximum flexibility for  your applications