PageBuilder for Strapi

We give the world's leading Headless CMS a modern frontend!

The PageBuilder makes it easy to manage content, media and settings in the Headless CMS Strapi. The plugin also offers your content management an intuitive creation and modification of content without programming knowledge.

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Strapi PageBuilder: The Highlights

The Highlights

Design Your Application

Managing layout settings is child's play! Set parameters for content elements in a clear and time-saving way.

  • Context-based sets with settings
  • Consistent branding possible
  • Centralised overview of design options
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View of the settings from the Global Design Settings Store for individual content elements with icons.

Overview of the Content Elements

The PageBuilder for Strapi has various important content elements for building varied content pages!

  • Simple, intuitive use of the content elements
  • Good customisation of the elements to your own needs
  • Content elements are placed directly on the page
All Content Elements
Screenshot with the selection menu for content elements in the Strapi PageBuilder. All elements are displayed with icons.