Conception and prototyping of digital products

At the heart of successful products are several conceptual phases - and we stand behind them.

Target groups, framework conditions, scope and functions of the intended product must be known in detail. AM GmbH's approach to concepts and prototypes offers you the perfect basis for discussing ideas together as a team, presenting them to stakeholders and testing them with users. This allows your company to make profound decisions about the design and functionality of the future product at an early stage.

The rough concepts: First practical  milestone

The success of a web offer stands and falls with a user-oriented application architecture. Our creative experts from the fields of concept and design, design and optimise your offer so that your users reach their goal effectively and efficiently. In constant exchange with you, your users, current trends and competitive analyses, AM GmbH develops strategic master plans as well as rough and detailed concepts.

Rough concepts are also relevant in the development of web applications such as software, websites or apps. From the sketch of the layout to the required functions, the rough concept helps to define and test the basic ideas and goals of your product before it is further developed.

Questions answered in the rough concept

  • What problem does the product solve?
  • Who is the product aimed at?
  • Which functions and features are integrated?
Team meeting of the design team with initial drawings for the rough concept

The fine concept: Design and functions  worked out

A fine concept is more comprehensively elaborated than the rough concept and already shows a much more detailed user interface. Interactions and functions are also largely fixed. The goal of the detailed concept is to test and further optimise the design and functionality of the product before it is developed.

In this phase, many decisions have to be made, which we approach together and in a structured way with our clients. In the conception of digital products, prototyping then helps to identify problems and challenges in the design and functionality at an early stage and to resolve them before the final product is developed.

The fine concepts of AM GmbH go into depth

  • What does the user interface look like and how does it work?
  • What is the flow of information and user flow through the product?
  • Which functions are necessary and which are optional?
Team meeting for the detailed concept with detailed drawings and usability visualisations

Prototyping: Practical test and  final adjustments

Your product gets its first face! We design the prototype for your digital product, interactively from wireframe to high-fidelity prototype. Based on the findings from the rough and fine concept, we determine which content will be integrated and how everything will work.

Professional Prototyping Creates Security

This advanced design phase involves the creation of a usable template of the product with subsequent testing phases - before it is released in its final form or integrated as a feature into existing systems.

Prototyping identifies and fixes final design and functionality issues before the finished product is released. Field testing also helps to gather feedback from users and customers to ensure that the final product meets all requirements and needs.

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Testing the prototype of an app in the team with direct adjustments on the laptop

Minimum viable product: Quick  to market

AM GmbH develops a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for you - a customised product with the smallest possible features. It contains only the functions that are necessary to run in order to offer sufficient added value for your target group.

Our concept experts enable you to get an efficient start on the market with the MVP! Your business idea can thus quickly gather initial real feedback from the first users. Analysis tools also contribute valuable data for further development because your web application is already available online.

We build the base for your rapid success

  • Risk reduction: test market acceptance before making extensive investments
  • Real feedback: direct feedback from your target and user group
  • Market research: effectively use MVP analysis data for further developments
  • Increased efficiency: focus on core functions saves resources
  • Fast time to market: lay the foundations for further ideas
Quick start on the market with the MVP model and customisation through analysis data