Your website as an app: Progressive web apps

PWAs are cheaper and more flexible than native apps - it's never been easier to get your own mobile app.

We bring your web application to the home screen of smartphones and tablets! Progressive Web Apps developed by AM GmbH work on any device and offer a similar user experience to other apps. PWAs offer fast loading times, offline support and consistent user interfaces.

Progressive Web Apps can be easily installed from the browser to the home page of mobile devices - without downloading from the app stores. This not only lowers the barrier to entry for smartphone users, but also lowers your costs. Even in the long term thanks to the elimination of commissions for in-app purchases! Your website as an app is also easier to maintain and quicker to update - a real alternative!

PWA programming: More than just a  website

AM GmbH uses the most up-to-date technologies to bring your digital products up to date!

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives. They have fundamentally changed the way we interact with our mobile phones. As they evolve, this hybrid of website and app increasingly offers your business an alternative to the native smartphone app in terms of cost and efficiency.

A Progressive Web App has the ability to appear on the home screen of smartphones and tablets, similar to a classic app. However, PWAs can also be used directly in the browser without installation. When it comes to installation, this is possible directly on the mobile device without the app stores of Google and Apple.

An important advantage of the Progressive Web App is that it works equally on all devices and operating systems. Unlike native apps, which have to be developed specifically for operating systems such as iOS and Android. There is thus no need to have different versions of an app developed and maintained for different platforms.

Accessibility and usability
Illustration of an online shop on the smartphone

With PWAs you are free -  without app store constraints

The welcome alternative to native apps for iOS and Android!

Progressive Web Apps offer significantly faster loading times compared to traditional apps. This advantage comes from the intelligent use of advanced internal caching technologies and service workers that allow your new website to load more quickly as an app.

The speed of PWAs is an important decision factor, as it ensures a more positive user experience. Timely updates are also an advantage, as a PWA does not have to go through complicated approval procedures from the app stores. Rapid development and simple maintenance by AM GmbH speak for themselves.

The benefits of a progressive web app

  • Offline functionality: the most important information at hand, even without the internet
  • Platform independence: uniform UX design for all end devices
  • Fast loading times: improved performance thanks to efficient caching
  • Easy installation: Simplified deployment without app stores
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Progressive web apps can be downloaded from a browser without an app store