Certified and sustainable: Our data centres

The AM data centres are ultra-modern and can stand the test of time - your digital projects are safe with us!

We enable you to operate server landscapes economically and with an eye to the future. Highly available and fail-safe - from the infrastructure to a particularly environmentally conscious energy supply to fire protection and air conditioning, we are optimally positioned for you in all aspects.

Diagram for our sustainability with three leaves.

Operated sustainably

  • High energy efficiency through free cooling
  • Cold aisle containment / hot aisles
  • 100% natural electricity
  • PUE rechnerisch bei < 1,3
  • Effective cooling and IT components
Diagram for optimal IT security of cloud, server, and infrastructure

Particularly protected

  • Biometric identification system
  • Video surveillance
  • Rack locking system
  • 24/7 personal control
  • Early fire detection system
  • Fire alarm system incl. control centre connection
Diagram for the resilience of our IT systems with all-around protection and a checkmark

Secured against failures

  • Redundancy for air-conditioning and electrical connection incl. UPS
  • Emergency power system (NEA) for 24/7 emergency operation
  • Continuous modernisation of all components
  • Internet connection with redundancy
  • Redundant construction of critical elements

More safety and trust:  Certified quality

Our standards stand for quality - our data centres have Category 3 certification.

The ISO/IEC 27001 certificate is the standard for information security management systems (ISMS). It certifies that we identify, assess and manage IT security risks according to the recognised high standards and ensure appropriate security measures to protect information and IT systems.

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MTIC certificates for system ISO 27001 and product Data Center Category 3

Protected and safe: our  sustainable operation

We stand for environmental awareness and reliability. At AM GmbH, safety meets sustainability!

Sustainable operation and energy efficiency have a high priority in our certified data centres. The use of free cooling, cold aisle containment and hot aisles ensures effective cooling of the IT components. In addition, the data centre is supplied exclusively with 100% natural electricity and thus achieves a calculated PUE value of less than 1.3.

The security of the AM data centres is of course of particular importance. A biometric identification system, video surveillance, a rack locking system and 24/7 personnel checks ensure optimal protection. In addition, early fire detection systems and fire alarm systems with control centre connections are in place to quickly identify fire hazards and combat them.

To avoid breakdowns, extensive redundancy measures have been implemented for air conditioning and electrical connections, including an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). In addition, a standby power system (NEA) ensures 24-hour emergency operation. The continuous modernisation of all components additionally contributes to the security and efficiency of our data centres.

The internet connections of the AM data centres are also designed redundantly to ensure a continuously stable connection. Critical elements are set up redundantly across several fire compartments to further increase fail-safety.

A look behind the scenes of our modern server technology in the Am data centres