Our locations: Meschede, Hamburg, Dortmund

From the Sauerland to the gateway of the world - we present our branches from where we manage your digitisation!

In the heart of the Sauerland region, just 10 minutes from the picturesque Hennesee lake, AM GmbH's headquarters have been located since 2007. There, with our data centres in Meschede, we are directly connected to an Internet network node (Point of Presence = PoP).

In autumn 2012, we opened our branch in Hamburg. We see great potential in Hamburg and want to continue to grow as a company. After all, it is no coincidence that the metropolis on the Elbe is regarded as the door to the "data" world and, as a Hanseatic city with maritime charm, invites people to live and work here.

AM GmbH has also been represented at the Dortmund location in Stadtkrone Ost since the beginning of 2017. Dortmund is becoming particularly attractive due to its ongoing development into the IT centre of the Ruhr metropolitan region.

Here you can find us: The offices of  AM GmbH