User helpdesk as customer and employee support

Free up resources - with our user help desk solutions, your company has more time for core competencies!

With our first-class user help desk service, we go the extra mile for you! AM GmbH knows the special importance of good service and therefore offers you a comprehensive range of services. In this way, we ensure that the target group of your support offer is always well advised.

Our expertise is your benefit

  • Fast and efficient problem solving by our support experts
  • Reduction of your internal workload
  • Permanent 24/7 service possible via telephone, e-mail and ticket system
  • Scaling of the service to your needs
  • High customer satisfaction through our fast problem solutions
  • Up-to-date knowledge and use of the latest technologies by us
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1st level support and  2nd level support

Our 1st level support is designed to help quickly and effectively! For more in-depth support at a higher level, we also offer 2nd-level support, which analyses and solves in-depth problems of the target group. This applies not only to your customers or partners, but also internally for effective employee support.

Your 24/7 service: Being available  around the clock

Tape announcements with opening hours are a deterrent! How does a round-the-clock service sound to you instead, available every day of the year? Your user groups will appreciate our reliable 24/7 service just as much as you do.

Your customers and employees can call us at any time, write e-mails or use the connected ticket system from the User Helpdesk (UHD) online. We ensure that any problems that arise are solved as quickly as possible with the easiest possible accessibility.

Your benefits of a 24/7 service

  • Constant support and availability 365 days a year
  • Fastest solutions to IT problems, regardless of the time of day
  • Minimisation of downtime and associated costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction through constant problem resolution
  • Ensuring the smooth operation of IT systems and applications
  • Competitive advantage through best availability and short processing times
  • Fast help in emergencies and critical situations
Visualisation of various services from our round-the-clock support