UX and UI design: Creating intuitive user experiences

You don't notice much of the best user experience - because everything simply works.

AM GmbH is active in the field of application management and web development. UX design (user experience), UI design (user interface) and generally positive user experiences on the internet are fixed components of digital strategies for our customers. If your target group feels comfortable, this increases customer loyalty and boosts your company's sales figures.

The importance of good UX design for  your project

A good user experience helps to increase the conversion rate of your company by encouraging users to make purchases or use services on your platforms and in your apps. AM GmbH supports you competently in this!

Intuitive navigation promotes user-friendly operation and reduces the bounce rate. Finally, a user-friendly UX design helps you to stand out from competitors and strengthen the company's reputation.

The UX design regulates important factors for your digital project

  • User satisfaction: Ease of use and positive experience
  • Conversion rate: better call-to-action through good user interface
  • Reduced abandonment rate: Less abandonment of own platform
  • Competitive advantages: Stand out from the competition!
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Notes for the development of the UX design of a new web portal

The relevance of user interface design  in detail

The user interface is the visual and interactive flagship of your portal, platform, website and app. A well thought-out UI design guides the perception and feeling of your users from the first click to the purchase or contact.

The AM GmbH design team ensures that your platform is visually appealing, that your company's brand is properly represented and that your users find their way around your digital product in the best possible way.

UI design is more than a beautiful homepage

  • Increase brand awareness: An engaging and well-designed user interface will be remembered, strengthen your brand and stand out.
  • Improve user experience: Well-organised content improves the user experience and increases their satisfaction.
  • Improve call-to-action rate: eye-catching buttons, clear copy and engaging graphics encourage your users to take predefined actions.
  • Improve customer retention: Users who feel comfortable on your platform build trust. They will come back to you again!
UI design with several superimposed layers of a web app from the financial sector