Workflow automation: Intelligent workflows

We offer you a user-friendly and intuitive visualisation of complex issues!

AM GmbH's workflow automation transforms your manual, time-consuming tasks through the use of technology. The goal is to increase efficiency by improving the accuracy and speed of your business processes. Human error is reduced and workflows are optimised.

We use intelligent software solutions to analyse your business processes, design process models and then automate them. In the process, parts of the data entry, document creation and also approval processes are delegated to digital applications.

Your benefits from our workflow automation

  • Increasing Efficiency: automated routine tasks save time and resources
  • Reduction of Errors: misunderstandings and misbehaviour are minimised
  • Improved Transparency: early detection of bottlenecks and delays
  • Accelerated Decisions: required information is available more quickly
  • Better Collaboration: location-independent and easier access to information
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Illustration for process management without programming with leading low-code and no-code applications

The 3 forms of  workflow automation

AI-based software bots and  process analyses