Middleware: Solutions for your applications

With our middleware expertise, the integration and digitalisation of your IT will succeed in no time!

The AM GmbH portfolio offers your company best practice administration and configuration of the required middleware components. We thus ensure the optimal, scalable and seamless operation of your web servers, databases and applications.

Our innovative cloud solutions take your data management to the next level! We are happy to advise you so that the IT infrastructure in your company remains competitive and functions smoothly in the years to come.

Your web application:  Server and data management

Diagram with stacked server modules

Web server

Online presence? Web application? Unthinkable without a web server. To participate in the world, the question is no longer "If?" but "How do I make my application available to users?".

The choice and configuration of the appropriate web server can have a significant impact not only on performance and security, but also on user experience.

Configuration and Consultation
Diagram with stacked discs as a symbol for modern database systems


In order to process your application data efficiently and store it securely, a connected database is necessary. Data is stored and made available for quick retrieval. Among other things, we offer you competent support in the implementation of cluster or failover mechanisms, database optimisation and planning for the leading database systems - MySQL, MariaDB, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Elastic.

Modern Data Management

Middleware management  for business

Our middleware solutions bridge communication gaps and bring your IT systems back together!