Content Elements of the PageBuilder

Our centrepieces in the PageBuilder for a modern and fast page layout building!

The PageBuilder has the perfect tools for most use cases. Over ten content elements are already available to you on delivery to create varied content in your style and branding. New content elements can be added.

There are no limits to your creativity, because the configurations in the Global Design Settings Store can create completely different variants for any purpose, even from a single element. We will be happy to advise you about customised portal solutions!

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In the PageBuilder, all content elements can be provided with input and output animations.

You have access to a variety of animations that enable a wide-ranging presentation of your content. These settings can also be customised to ensure a positive user experience.

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The Global Design Settings Store offers a configuration of various formatting options for text design in the PageBuilder.

The clear separation between HTML tags and CSS styles enables an SEO-friendly customisation of text elements such as titles, subheadings and body text, which ensures an appealing presentation.

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Custom Class Names for Custom CSS

The option for custom class names gives you more freedom of design for specific changes to content elements.

Your branding is not fundamentally changed. This allows you to customise layout elements, colours and fonts and therefore implement specific requirements that go beyond your templates.

PageBuilder logo with lettering and image element

You can have a look at all the content elements from the PageBuilder for Strapi right away.

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Rich Text Editor

Content Management without programming knowledge in the WYSIWYG Editor! Simple text editing with our Rich Text Editor (RTE) including Link Chooser for internal and external links.

  • Editing of the source code possible
  • Preconfigured text formatting
  • Defined formatting available
Screenshot of the new Rich Text Editor in Pagebuilder with a heading, body text and a list of bullets.


Moving images, sound delights and lots of creativity in one element! This is how visual content is displayed in the PageBuilder for Strapi and the user experience of your content is improved.

  • Add media via the Media Manager
  • Images, audio, YouTube and self-hosted videos
  • Individual customisation of the image display
Screenshot of the Multimedia content element with an implemented video in the PageBuilder layout.


Placing twenty product images clearly on one page - no problem! The Gallery is perfect for presenting numerous media in a small space.

  • Media Management via Media Manager
  • Display in slide, grid or masonry mode
  • Simple operation of the Gallery slides
Screenshot of the Gallery Content Element with sample images arranged in a grid.

Carousel - Hero Images

In addition to the classic function as a static header image, a text editor and call-to-action elements for scrollable content teasers are also available.

  • Carousel with Headlines, Rich Text Editor and Buttons
  • Responsive versions for a better User Experience
  • Simple addition and deletion of Carousel slides
Screenshot of the content element carousel with a background image, headline and button above it.

Section Separator and Spacer

Give your content enough room to breathe! The Section Separator stylishly delimits sections, while the Spacer provides individual space and distance for all elements.

  • Aesthetic spacing and white space between content
  • Clear, visual hierarchies between content elements
  • Visual templates for the Section Separator included
Screenshot of the content elements Section Separator and Spacer in the Strapi PageBuilder in the editor view.


Use Cards to place content clearly and uniformly! As teasers with links to other content or for clear data in the grid. Images, headings, texts and buttons are possible.

  • Design possibilities with many design options
  • Flexible configuration of individual Cards in the layout
  • Customised number and arrangement of Cards
Screenshot of the content element cards with content stylishly arranged in columns.

Text with Image

Brighten up your texts with images or videos! The Text with Image element consists of the Rich Text Editor combined with a media element in a horizontal or vertical arrangement.

  • Attractive presentation of image or video + description
  • Positioning (next to or on top of each other, sequence)
  • Adjustable aspect ratio of both sections to each other
Screenshot of the content element Text with Image in the editor view, filled with sample text and an image.


With the Accordion, the famous "wall of text" is history! The content element is used to present extensive information in a small space, perfect for an FAQ. 

  • Space-saving, organised presentation of content
  • Collapsible elements can be managed dynamically
  • Customisable order possible with just a few clicks
Screenshot of the accordion element with title field and rich text editor for the content of the slides.

Image Ticker

Room Divider, scrolling image and static display in one content element! Either as an animated ticker or static image display, the Image Ticker brings many images into a row.

  • Choice between static and animated display
  • Images can link to other pages (internal/external)
  • The size of the images is standardised
Screenshot of the Image Ticker content element with several sample images next to each other in PageBuilder.
PageBuilder logo with lettering and image element

Congratulations, you have almost completed the overview of the content elements!

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Page titles and headings are important for structuring your website, for users and search engines! You can create an SEO-friendly headline hierarchy with just a few clicks.

  • Headline (H1, H2, H3, etc.) for a clean page hierarchy
  • Configuration options for headline style and markup
  • Definition of headline alignment and background colours
Screenshot of the headline settings with scheme of different headlines from H1 to H4.


Buttons are truly the best way to click a text link! From navigating and triggering a specific action to transferring parameters and submitting forms.

  • Design sets with several button styles possible
  • Suitable for internal and external links
  • Link Chooser with references and parameters
Screenshot of the content element buttons with the call-to-action section and settings.