Highlights of the PageBuilder

Gear wheel with tool inside for advanced technical SEO of websites.

Global Stettings Store

The central location for adjusting colours, fonts and spacing: Manage all layout options easily and centrally with the Global Design Settings Store. Without programming, for consistent branding!

Global Stettings Store

Form Manager

Create forms for making contact, various data entries or support offers in the modular system. Also ideal for connecting your merchandise management or inventory software with your own APIs.

Form Manager
Code symbol with brackets in a circle that is crossed out.

No-Code / Low-Code

The PageBuilder enables intuitive content design. You can make layout settings and use content elements. The WYSIWYG Editor ensures efficient content management and offers source code editing.

No-Code / Low-Code
Schematic illustration of image and video material that can be managed in the Media Manager for integration in the PageBuilder.

Media Manager

The integrated Media Manager makes it easier for you to organise images, videos and other files like downloads. The manager supports multilingual tags and is SEO-friendly. Exchanged media will automatically be updated on all pages.

Media Manager
Schematic representation of a book with a speech bubble containing an Asian character.


The plugin is modular structured and can be customised to your needs. Language file translantions into your preferred languages are possible, up to 600 sets. English is native, a German translation can also be delivered.

Three schematic figures show the user and role administration of the Strapi PageBuilder.

Role Management from Strapi

Restrictions for authors, editors or admins are set directly in the backend to ensure secure role management in Strapi and PageBuilder. This applies to editing and deleting content as well as configure settings in the backend.

Role Management
Grey magnifying glass with reflections of the magnifying glass.

Search Function

Searching your website can be limited to a simple page search or detailed content search. Jump marks to the part of the content searched for on the results page allow users to move quickly without scrolling.

Search Function
Pen with smooth text lines for optimising texts, image files and multimedia elements.

Draft and Publishing

The Draft Publishing Mode in the PageBuilder enables you to use a multiple-eyes principle with approval of new content before your users see the changes on the website and search engines can crawl them.

Draft and Publishing
Magnifying glass with arrow pointing upwards on the right for on-page and off-page optimisation of online projects for search engines.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The PageBuilder boosts your ranking! All important settings for search engine optimisation are integrated and offer you the best conditions for preparing your content pages accordingly.

Search Engine Optimisation

Global Design Settings Store

The Global Design Settings Store in the PageBuilder for Strapi allows you to manage layout options with precision.

  • Centrally stored and globally adjustable
  • Customisable for each content element
  • Consistent corporate branding
View of the settings from the Global Design Settings Store for individual content elements with icons.
PageBuilder logo with lettering and image element

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Form Manager

Your forms can be configured with the Form Manager and integrated on any number of content pages via the content element in PageBuilder.

  • API connection via collection type: formEntry
  • GDPR-compliant with email forwarding 
  • Integrated spam protection
Screenshot of the Form Manager in PageBuilder with a dropdown for selecting the form fields for creation.

No-Code / Low-Code

Modern content management made simple! The PageBuilder enables you to design content intuitively.

  • Modular principle without source code editing
  • No programming knowledge required
  • HTML and CSS editing possible (Low-Code)
Screenshot of the WYSIWYG Editor of the Strapi PageBuilder, with several elements for content management.

Media Manager

Clever organisation and intuitive handling of your images, videos and documents! The Media Manager allows you to manage files for your website for all content elements.

  • Intuitive organisation with folder structure
  • Centralised management of all media with information
  • Direct placement in content elements
Screenshot of the Media Manager from the PageBuilder in Strapi. Information about a selected image can be seen next to the image overview.

Internationalisation / Multilingualism

More independence than just a translation! The entire admin interface can also be translated. Up to 600 languages are possible.

  • Modular structure for fast translation
  • Delivery in English
  • German language files available
Scheme of multilingualism in PageBuilder for Strapi according to i18n standard for internationalisation.

Role Management from Strapi

All PageBuilder functions integrate the role management of the CMS! Restrictions for authors, editors or admins can be made directly in the backend.

  • Centralised administration via Strapi dashboard
  • Standardised user and role management
  • Extended permissions and actions
Schema for Role Management in Strapi, which is supported by PageBuilder for administration, layout and content management.

Draft Publishing Mode

The Draft Publishing Mode enables you to apply a multiple-eye principle with the approval of new content before your users and search engines see the changes on your website.

  • Avoid public construction sites
  • New content can be scheduled to go live
  • Internal correction processes possible
Draft publishing mode scheme with two pages of content before and after multiple-eyes principle.
PageBuilder logo with lettering and image element

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Platforms built with the PageBuilder are fast and optimised! You can use the SEO tab to prepare content for search engines or prevent it from being indexed.

  • Very good values with Google PageSpeed Insights
  • Integrated OpenGraph and TwitterCard tags
  • Important metadata input via SEO tab
Screenshot of the SEO settings in PageBuilder with selection options for titles, meta tags and indexing of content.